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Pregnant belly

Prenatal ADHD Pregnancy Consult

1hr phone or zoom consult with Alixandra. Review risks of ADHD and pregnancy, safety of medication during pregnancy and lactation, identify challenges of ADHD and pregnancy and strategize about how to best address these! Prep for success when baby comes.


Postpartum ADHD Consult (birth to 6wks)

1hr phone or zoom consult with Alixandra. Review safety of medication during lactation, identify challenges of ADHD and the early postpartum period and strategize about how to best address these! 

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Public Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker for your conference, Podcast or a Continuing Profession Development Opportunity for your team? Alixandra Bacon and Dusty Chipura, AACC certified ADHD Coach and Doula,  book speaking engagements around the world- contact us!

Please note I am a Registered Midwife licensed by the BC College of Nurses & Midwives. I synthesize and translate the latest evidence on ADHD and pregnancy into information that is accessible for pregnant people and health care providers. I'm passionate about informed choice and person and family centred care.  Please note that I do not offer diagnosis, nor do I prescribe medications for the management of ADHD. I am not a clinically trained psychologist or counsellor.


"I high recommend any pregnant person to go under Alixandra's care but especially a neurodiverse person. We expense things so differently and Alix doesn't just understand, she seamlessly integrates her knowledge in practice "

KK March 2024

Unsure if you have ADHD?

Unsure if you have ADHD? Check out this Free Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS v1.1) for ADHD. A score >4 warrants further assessment.


You can get assessed through your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner.


If you live within the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority and are 17-35 you can get an MSP-covered assessment through the Regional ADHD Clinic.  


If you live anywhere in BC you can also ask your health care provider to refer you to Level Up ADHD for an MSP-covered ADHD assessment.


The Adult ADHD Centre offers adult ADHD assessments across Canada. For BC residents, an assessment through the public MSP system, to see Dr. Parhar is available but due to high demand, there is a wait time. If a sooner ADHD assessment is required, and for those people that reside outside of BC,  there is a Private Assessment completed by the Nurse Practitioners-ADHD Consultants who are unable to bill public health,  to register for the private assessment registerhere. They also offer the Adult ADHD Centre Compassion Program which waives the fee for Canadian residents experiencing financial hardship and is referred by a healthcare provider. Request a referral from from

Some people who don't have MSP or who feel they can not wait for MSP assessment access diagnosis through other private clinics including North Shore ADHD Clinic 

Looking for ADHD coaching, OT or other support?

Coaching & Counselling:

Dusty Chipura ADHD coaching for individual and group ADHD coaching, workshops and classes. Dusty also offers Pregnancy Group Coaching. 

Level Up ADHD for 1:1 Sessions with our Occupational Therapist and 8-Week Live Virtual Group Course

Krista Varsakis is BC-based Registered Social Worker who specializes in offering ADHD Support Services (Psychoeducation, Counselling, Coaching) with a focus on female-identified and gender-fluid people.


Other Resources

CADDAC Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada

CHADD Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

CADDRA Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance

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